Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week 1

February 18th, 2017

Hello friends and family,

I am proud to say i made it through week one. Also, a funny thing almost everyone in my zone is from Utah. I have an awesome companion who keeps me focused especially when I get distracted. We also keep each other on schedule which is nice. Also, i have an iPad here in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) but i will not have one in the field. With that being said, please write me during the week and share your favorite scripture, conference quote, or thought. I will be able to read your emails throughout the week but i won't be able to respond to them until Saturdays which are my preparation day. Another thing, i can receive mail such as letters and packages here at the MTC so if you would like to, you can always write me a letter or send me something. If you don't know the address you can always google Provo MTC.

So the first day i was at the MTC we got to talk as a group of new missionaries with 3 investigators. It was a workshop and so it was kind of a practice run. On the second day, it was my first full day so that meant i had to be up by 6:30 and to breakfast by 7 am. We learned the Plan-Study-Teach Method and started to plan for and teach lessons to an "investigator" named Hal. Hal was played by Brother Lovell who is my Classroom teacher. I was super nervous because Brother Lovell stayed in character the whole time. But i made it through my first lesson with him. 

I got called as online coordinator for my district which means i make sure the elders and sisters in my district are using their technology properly and are doing the things in the missionary portal that are required each week.

An awesome thing that occurred as well this  week was that i ran into a sister i knew in 6th grade when i lived in Colorado as well as i ran into an elder who is from my stake in Austin. I also have a sister in my district who i went to high school with and she was in my government class. it is crazy to see how many people i have met in my life and how many remember me.

Today i also got to visit the Provo temple with my zone but i had forgotten my camera at my residence so i was unable to take a picture of my zone.

Love you all!!!
Sister Lewis             
P.S. here is a picture of the sisters in my district.

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